do i need to book a table?

As we are such a busy restaurant, we highly recommend making a table reservation as soon as you get a chance. This ensures that you always get a seat and never leave disappointed- a must for weekends as we are usually fully booked all weekend.

Larger bookings especially need to book well in advance, as we only have limited seatings for large bookings.

do you take large bookings?

We can do, our largest table booking that we can cater for in our front restaurant is 20 people, this is divided on to 2 seperate tables of 10 right next to each other. We can however take much larger reservations in our function room but these then turn into functions, all function enquires will need to go through out Function Coordinator Meagan.

-Please keep in mind for larger bookings, we are unable to split bills over 10 people.

how do i book a function?

We love hosting functions! Weddings, engagement parties, special birthdays, hens parties, baby showers, corporate events, you name it, we can host it. We have a full time Event Manager who works with us 5 days a week so she is the best person to speak to if you have an enquiry or would like to book a function in.

Meagan’s best contact details are or 0269 25 8143.

can i see your menu?

Of course, our current menu- which is always changing, can be found in a couple different places. On our website here you can find our menu under Food & Wine, we also have a copy on our Facebook page, if you are a follower. Or if you send us an email and we would be more than happy to send you a copy.

do you cater to dietary requirements?

Absolutely, we understand how difficult it can be to dine out with certain dietary requirements, so our Chef’s are more than happy to accommodate these needs. Our menu does include some options already for some dietary requirements but if you let your waitress know upon ordering, we can try our best to accommodate.

Whilst we will try our best, we can’t 100% guarantee certain aspects, as we do prepare all our meals in the same kitchen as nuts, gluten etc are present in the kitchen.

do you split bills?

To make everyone’s dining experience as easy and quick as possible, we do not split bills for more than 10 people, this just ensures you aren’t waiting in a long queue to pay. We will happily provide large bookings with the bill and you can split it between you.

do you trade for dinner?

No, unfortunately we don’t open every night. We do however open for private functions during the evening, so we like to reserve our restaurant for private functions only.